Welcome to Uttham Academy of Construction

The construction industry in india is the second largest employer in providing employment.There is a hugeneed to a have trained people especially at the entry level such as site engineers. Draughtsman, Supervisors, Civil engineers Total Station Surveyors, etc. A trained individual has a higher chance of employability and enhance growth opportunities in th field training in practical aspects which bridging the gap between curriculum to taught in Engg, Diploma and ITI students and requirements of construction industry.

Uttham Academy of construction aims to training the students - Canditates various practical aspects in the construction. High ways, Surveying and consultancy etc.Uttham hava a team of engineers, consultants with rich practical experience and with a passion for teaching to handle the training separate training modules have been designed to cater to each section of industry.


  • Construction Engineering
  • Highway Engineering
  • Total Builders Surveing
  • Builders Appreciation Programme (BAP)
  • Consultants Appreciation Programme (CAP)
  • Trade Apprentice Programme ( TAP )